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Do you want Jacob Alexander body painting at your _____________________ ?

[Insert: Concert, Gallery Showing, Private Party, Nightclub, Yacht, Anywhere You Like]

Or maybe you want to be painted, and even have professional photos taken of your experience?


"If you want personalized art done, he is available for commissions. It's full of little hidden gems and I like that he got to know me before doing the paintings. I didn't tell him what to do, he's just brilliant! I wish the camera did them justice!" -Karen Stever

"One such feeling is passion, as demonstrated by the work of Minneapolis-based artist, Jacob Alexander, whose multi-media abstract creations fuse futurist landscapes with dreams capes, incorporating decadent color and exuberant design elements." -NY Arts Magazine

"We are pleased to have had the opportunity to become acquainted with your paintings and wish you the best of success in the future." -Kristen Stegemoeller, Guggenheim NYC

"By comparison, Alexander seems a bit more hopeful about humanity’s future, and he tries to spread that feeling through his colorful and symbol-laden mixed-media works." -Downtown Journal

"You know that dancing-fish number in The little Mermaid? This party is going to be nothing like that." (Atlantis Exhibition) -City Pages

"He also creates his own paint, according to a secret recipe, and uses other materials...." -Jamie Thomas, Journalist

"Alexander loves to challenge the constructs and codified meanings of the world that everyone else takes for granted. At its core, Alexander’s art does away with modernistic definitions, instead symbolizing ancient, primeval, incredibly romanticized views of the world. By making his audience turn around and view art on his own terms, Alexander breaks the signals and codes we use to define our surroundings, instead forcing us to view the world through his inspirational, uplifting, slightly megalomaniacal visions." -The Wake

"There is nothing vanilla about Alexander." -Twin Cities Daily Planet

.."his fellow post-abstract expressionist, Ingrid Calame, who like Alexander, contends with the splatters and stains of action painting through a graphic, traced, and contoured approach to form." -Suzie Walshe, Editor for the NY Arts Magazine

"Jacob Alexander opened up the only multi-media art venue in Downtown Minneapolis, on 1st Avenue. Equipped with one of the largest sound systems in Minnesota, natural lighting, track lighting, and high definition video projection." -Wikibin

"Jacob Alexander is a wonder child. His presence is joy invoking and his art deep." -Tchera Niyego

"Jacob Alexander is one of my great artist Friend.. we worked together during the same project in NY.. we have new art project with him for near future..." -Gulay Alpay

"Jacob is very professional. I started working with him as a model for events. At the time I was new to body-painting and had never been painted before. He made me feel very at ease and comfortable with the whole experience. Since then I have done a variety of events with Jacob and each event has been handled with the upmost professionalism, dignity, and attune to the models needs. I highly recommend working with Jacob Alexander his work speaks for itself and his caring demeanor is a definite plus too!" -Melissa Anne Smed, Actress and Model

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With the help of fellow artists and friends, Zander produced a documentary as a sort of follow up to All Over the Walls, a Blue Bridge Media Group production.

  • Life of a Modern Day Artist
  • All Over the Walls

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