Jacob Alexander Figueroa

The Artist Zander

CEO Jacob Alexander Figueroa past projects include Mixed Media artworks; several self-curated Exhibits and public art installations as well as features in art shows including "Translucent Threads" at the Broadway Gallery in NYC, with many artworks published in prestigious NY Arts Magazine; Body Painting for musician and producer Paul Van Dyk, Benny Benassi, Summerset Music and Camping Festival, Sexapalooza, NY Fashion Week; Photography and portfolio development for several aspiring and successful models, with some photography being exhibited at FIMA in Montreal to over 75,000 art lovers in attendance; opening and running Karnak Gallery a multimedia public art venue in the heart of downtown Minneapolis; working under the pseudonym vw|NK (vwINK / VWInk Agency / Virtual Warrior Ink) for several prestigious clientele including Red Bull; pioneering X Fashion, a body paint fashion fusion with elements of saran wrap and aluminum foil among other reflective materials; and XTV, a media project with highlights including photographing and interviewing Senator Amy Klobuchar, as well as media icon Bill Moyers.

Mixed Media


Body Painting



Artist Statement

Jacob Alexander Figueroa Jacob Alexander Figueroa

I am a visual multi-media artist who incorporates literary works, futuristic landscapes, dream imagery and symbolism in my work. My aim is to create decorations with messages of hope to give back color to the people who color my life. I am a gypsy, an insatiable explorer whose work vibrates with every person, idea, frustration and challenge. Art is a luxury. It provokes the sub-conscience, asks questions, defies convention and stirs the senses in ways other luxuries cannot. I dedicate my craft to all generations, those who created before me and those that will outlive me and impact the future by launching this world into an apocalypse of inventions and revolution.

-Jacob Alexander Figueroa


Mary Norell Jackson

The Muse Norell

CEO Mary Norell Jackson ongoing and past projects include singer, co-producer, lyricist, and actress with The Band Famous music, video, and event productions; being a Quarter Finalist for 2019 Maxim Cover Girl; being sponsored by Malibu Strings swimwear; modeling for celebrity hair stylist, Ted Gibson; modeling for oil painter Suzann Beck - that painting later being a featured piece at her solo art show at Metro Gallery; actress for 89.3FM the Current’s Works for Words with Chris Koza; long-time muse for Turkish artist Berk Balkac; providing vocals on commercial for 5 Year Anniversary Celebration For Mr. Zero’s Vinyl Record Store; providing vocals for MPLS.TV’s “Uptown Episode”, performing open-mics with Carnage the Executioner, Desdamona, and Elliott Roche (all featured artists in the Hall Of Fame), as well as being a past member of Emily Colay’s (Wookiefoot) women’s’ chorus, Cantara; recorded backup vocals alongside Emily Colay for artist Brant Kingman’s daughter, Alondra Kingman; past member of University of Minnesota’s Women’s Chorus; past member of Northland College Northland Singers; past singer with Circle the State with Song in Indiana (middle school); past flutist with the Ashland City Band (middle school). Some past photographers that Norell has worked for include Specular Photography, BCS (Black Card Studios), 63fotos, FreLawPhoto, Israel Perez, NYLAPhotog & On Assignment Photography, Dropout Photography, Dale Lotts, Brad Malmgren, Jessica Collette Photography, Box Top Photography, Chris Dinerman, Daniel Hong, Gabriel Tapia, J Nilsson Photography, Ian Holyoak, Bret William Photography, and more. Past promotions include Hallmark Channel Countdown to Christmas. She also modeled for "Tattoos for Tears", a fundraiser for the children of Haiti in 2009. In addition, Norell has worked closely with Zander as both assistant and muse for his creative projects for the past decade plus.




Fan Art

Artist Statement

Mary Norell Jackson Mary Norell Jackson

I am a multi-faceted artist, musician, and developer. Everything - my friends, loved ones, acquaintances, to complete strangers I encounter who exchange smiles with me or spark some sort of familiar feeling within me – all of my life experiences and observations inspire me daily, transcending into my art, music, and anything I channel my energy into. Love is my driving force, the ideal that shapes all of my creations. My goals in life put simply are to create beautiful art and music, inspire and invoke positive change, and to be happy, healthy and successful while hopefully inspiring others to do the same.

-Mary Norell Jackson


Together they make The Band Famous – the band, the software, the venue, the movement.

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